Society of Graphic Artists

Box 857,Tryggvagata 17
ReykjavÝk - 101
Society of Graphic Artists was established in 1969 and is a trade union for its members The broad aim of Society of Graphic Artists is to work for the advancement of its members. * Society of Graphic Artists run studio at Tryggvagata 15, ReykjavÝk, Iceland
Icelandic Graphic Society A brief history In 1954 a few artists founded a society for the purpose of promotion and advencement of the art of printmaking in Iceland. These artists called the newly formed society the Icelandic Graphic Society (in Icelandic: ═slensk GrafÝk). The society soon ceased active operation, since the members were so few and the facilities for practicing the art were nearly non-existent. The current society was in formed in 1969, fifteen years after the initial aborted attempt at organising the people with printmaking interest. Thus the society is now in its 28th year. This second and more lasting incarnation of the society shares its name, logo and some members with the first. The main activity of the Icelandic Graphic Society has, through the years before the opening of the workshop, been the hosting of various domestic and international exhibitions of prints by members of the society as well as publishing promotional literature about Icelandic graphic artists and their works. The membership count stands at 67 from all over Iceland. Additionally the society has been responsible for promoting international printmaking in Iceland, such as the hosting of the "Graphica Atlantica 1987" exhibition in cooperation with the City of ReykjavÝk and the "Nordic Graphic Triennial" in 1988, 1991 in cooperation with the Nordic House in ReykjavÝk. The next "Nordic Graphic Triennial" is scheduled to be held in April of 1998 in ReykjavÝk. The society has taken an active role in cultural festivals in Iceland. Furthermore the society has published albums of member's works and thus contributed to wider distribution of printmaking. The longstanding dream of the Icelandic graphic artists was finally realised in 1995, with the opening of the Icelandic Graphic Workshop. With this milestone one of the main goals of the Icelandic Graphic Society was reached. The credit for this achievement must go to all the volunteers who selflessly worked in building the workshop and those that donated works in support of the outfitting of the workshop. The workshop has facilities for producing from start to finish works using all of the techniques of printmaking with the exception of silk printing. The workshop, situated in the heart of ReykjavÝk, includes a gallery, a small guest apartment and complete framing facilities. The staff of two graphic artist is charged with assisting artists using the workshop and day to day chores. From time to time the society holds seminars for its members and other interested parties. The Icelandic Graphic Workshop cooperates with the Icelandic Art University in the education of graduate students from Iceland and four other European countries. A five member board of directors oversees and is responsible for the overall management of both the society and the workshop. The organisation of the day to day operaration of the workshop is handled by the Workshop Committee. The mailing address of the Icelandic Graphic Society and the Icelandic Graphic Workshop is: Tryggvagata 17 P.O. Box 857 IS-121 ReykjavÝk ICELAND Tel: +354-552-2866 Fax: +354-552-2866


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